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About Global Education Study Centers (UK LTD)

Mick Howarth, the Director General of Global Education Study Centres, GESC (UK) offers the following insight into the groups business:
Is Global Education Study Centres an accredited organisation?
GESC (UK) has business registrations in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. Mick Howarth is also on the British Council approved agents list as an advanced agent(the only UK based agent operating in West Africa) and this can be checked at


  • How long has this group been in West Africa?
  • GESC (UK) opened its first offices in Port Harcout and Lagos in 2006 and we now have four offices in total.


  • What is the main business activity?
  • We are educational advisors for potential students who wish to study overseas. We take students through educational advice, application, financial requirements and finally visa application.


  • What are your main markets?
  • Our major market is the United Kingdom which accounts for 80% of our activity. We also deal with students who may wish to study in USA, Canada, Russia, Cyprus, Germany, Caribbean, Ireland and other countries on request.


  • What is the success rate of students who apply to study overseas?
  • We have a 98% success rate on visa applications for the UK and we are very proud of that record. In other countries such as Cyprus its 100%.


  • How do you promote your business to intending students?
  • We work with a number of high quality institutions in all our markets. We regularly receive delegates from our partners who carry out presentations and interviews in our offices. These are promoted through newspapers advertisements, radio announcements and internet/email announcements.


  • Who are your major partners?
  • We have around forty UK partners with Salford University, Birmingham City University and UCLAN rated as our top destinations of study in the UK.


  • What manner of challenges has it encountered?
  • Our major challenge is the constant changing of visa regulations. For example this year alone the UK has gone through a series of amendments to the regulations with further changes due in the near future.


  • How has it been able to over come those challenges?
  • Its my role as the DG to ensure that I keep all my staff fully up to date with the ever changing requirements of the various immigration rules in all our markets. I recently passed and have been accredited as an advanced agent by the British Council the first in the UK!! Many potential students fall into the wrong hands and are badly advised and the penalties are very severe, if a student submits any fake documents or does not complete forms honestly and with due diligence then a long ban is imposed and the family is shamed.


  • What level of co-operation has it received from do you get from government bodies?
  • For the UK, I am in regular contact with the embassies to clarify any new rules that may have been added or changed with respect to visa applications. I also visit many of my partner institutions in the UK to discuss student issues to ensure that all our students settle down well on arrival.


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      Do you offer scholarships?

      Many of our partners offer reductions on fees and bursaries for high performing applicants. For example with bursaries and reductions students can study a Masters degree in the UK for approx $1500 at a public University.


      What plans do you have to widen your area of operation and be more visible in its chosen field or sector?

      As stated further expansion is planned in 2017 and consolidate our operations. We have four major visa processing centres in Nigeria, Cameroon.


      How do students get involved with GESC (UK)

      We have regular interview sessions and any intending student can register and become a member. Our membership terms and conditions can be found on our website along with all our contact and office details. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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