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Global Education Study Centres now offers a comprehensive online application service for all African students from the following countries.


Ghana - Tanzania - Uganda - Kenya - Namibia - South Africa - Malawi


Please place your application at our online icon on the home page at





On receipt of your application we will advise and take you through all the steps


required to study overseas at your chosen destination.


We are experienced advisors with over ten years of sending African students to many


destinations and world class institutions.


You can also email directly Director General/CEO Mr Mick Howarth at


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



For Nigeria and Cameroon we have in country offices and you will be referred to those


offices in the first instance when applying.



UK student applications attract no charge and are free. For other countries application


fees apply and we will inform on application receipt.



For visa applications all countries charge fees and for estimates please see our terms


and conditions.



Mick Howarth




Global Education Study Centres













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