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Q. What countries does Global deal with?
A. UK, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, Cyprus, Georgia, Canada, USA, India and others on request


Q. What do I get for membership?
A. Access to our facilities, free courier of papers overseas, access to our UK specialist, ongoing support tracking your application, Visa protocols (optional for UK).


Q. What are the study costs?
A. Study costs vary from country to country. In UK fees start at approx £3500 per year and up to £12000 a year. Our cheapest courses are in Malaysia and Russia starting at $3500 a year including accommodation.


Q. Am I guaranteed a visa?
A. No we cannot guarantee a visa however if you follow all procedures and you have the finances you should normally be successful.


Q. What about visa to study in MALAYSIA/RUSSIA/CYPRUS?
A. Visas are normally issued once an academic offer is made.


Q. What about study in RUSSIA?
A. We work with a prestigous partner in RUSSIA and many programmes are taught in English. We mainly send students to study medicine.


Q. What happens if I dont get an offer from my chosen Institution?
A. We will process another application for you from our member list. We are confident we will get an offer.


Q. What is the main reason for not getting a visa for STUDY ABROAD?
A. Lack of finances.


Q. How can I transfer money overseas?
A. You should arrange transfer yourself to your Institution direct. This includes tuition fees. Visa fees should be paid to Global UK accounts.


Q. When do I apply?
A. Apply at anytime during the year. most courses start in September but we work with Institutions that offer multiple entry points.


Q. Can I pay by instalments?
A. Most institutions accept instalments.


Q. What academic requirements do I need?
A. Depends on your chosen course. We will advise you on your level of entry.


Q. What happens after I apply?
A. We send your application to your chosen institution. We then press them for a decision within 28 days.


Q. What paperwork should I bring with me to apply?
A. Originals and copies of all your educational certificates plus copies of your birth certificate and passport AND photo.


Q. What about accommodation.
A. All institutions guarantee new international students accommodation either on or off campus.


Q. Can I work during my studies?
A. Yes you can work part time usually up to 20 hours a week in the UK. In Malaysia and Cyprus stricter rules are in place please discuss with us.


Q. What happens if I am refused a visa?
A. We look at your refusal. If we feel its unfair we will contact your institution to write to visa authorities of your chosen country. If it is fair we will re-look and re-advise.


Q. Why do you charge membership fees?
A. We have staff costs to pay, training of staff, office overheads and most important if you are serious about studying it is our first filter for serious students.


Q. I am working at the moment and cant make it to see you can you help me?
A. Yes we can do things via email and telephone. Fees can be paid into our accounts for membership.


Q. Is my membership fee refundable?
A. No we do not offer refunds on membership. All students agree to our terms and conditions. We want genuine members who value our services.


Q. If I pay a deposit to an institution and dont get a visa will I get a refund.
A. Yes you will as long as you send your refusal notice to the institution. You may have to pay an admin charge AND refunds can take between 8-12 weeks.


Q. I have been refused a visa to study in the UK can you help?
A. Yes we will advise on the next step as part of your membership either resubmission or a full administrative review.


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