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*Information is subject to change - last updated 18th September 2017.


Membership details

UK Applications


Global Education Study Centres offers a one stop service for students who wish to study overseas. The following guidelines should be referred to in our membership leaflets and will be explained during first informal interviews and when making enquiries.

All students are required to become members and pay 50,000 Naira (Abuja/Lagos/Warri/Jos) or 150,000 CFA (Cameroon). Note we have special deals running throughout the year. Contact your nearest office for details. Membership fees are for the professional advice we offer and also to offset costs associated with the smooth running of the local offices. Membership fees are payable only ONCE and is lifetime and there are no annual renewal fees.


All students are counselled within the statement of principles for ethical recruitment of International Students. All staff have copies of this statement and all members can request a copy. This statement is commonly referred to as the "London Statement"


All staff will offer independent academic advice and offer study options that best suit the students academic background and finances available. Students may come with pre determined ideas of where they wish to study and staff will evaluate these ideas and ensure that aspirations can be met. The guiding principles are that we try to ensure all students are successfully moved from inital enquiry to eventual study to chosen destination.


*Membership allows students to place as many applications as they wish at no extra cost (UK only note max 3 applications at any one time). Membership fees are strictly non-refundable. All applications are vetted and checked and sent to institution with recommendations. Visa protocol fees are now included in the membership fees. This does not include the application fees charged by UK visa authorities. Should we be unable to source suitable academic offers from chosen institutions then we will continue to offer alternatives that will meet the students requirements. All applications are confidential to the students, Global Education and the Institution applied to. Under no circumstances is personal information given to 3rd parties.


*Only members can use our visa service however we do offer a "no win no fee service" which still requires membership but allows students to use our protocol service to place an application to partners we are not contracted to. Visa service is not compulsory for members but is strongly advised. If visa application is refused a student can resubmit papers at no extra cost as many times as they wish (UK visa application fees still apply). If visa application is refused Global Education will request a review with UK visas should it be deemed necessary after viewing reasons for refusal. This will be at no extra cost to student. Non member visa protocol charges are £350 or equivalent in local currencies.


(Student members who have already registered and who have returned to home country and wish to re apply for a new visa at the same Institution to progress or complete a course eg MSc to PHd or repeat modules to complete a course will be charged a visa service fee to cover our time and cost and this is set locally at 50,000 naira or 150,000 CFA.)


Other countries we send students the following charges apply;


Cyprus ($1000)

Germany/Ireland/Holland ($750)

Georgia/Russia/Caribbean/Turkey/India/China/Poland ($1750). 

Canada and USA ($750)

(Other countries not listed please enquire locally or mail us at Global)

The above fees include membership registration and service charges we incur. (Courier of documents if required is payable in addition by applicants of $200 to Global  or applicants can arrange their own courier, it is recommended that only DHL or FEDEX are used. Do not use basic postal services) The fees also cover Application fees/travel passes/invitations. The fees do not cover any embassy fees that may be charged forvisa applications in country or interviews or attestations or translations that may be required. Note should we receive an invitation/visa and it is not accepted or taken up  by the client there are NO REFUNDS DUE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A STUDENT NOT DECIDE TO USE THE VISA OR TRAVEL PASS.

Deposits/Refunds and Application Fees

United Kingdom

All institutions require a deposit payment towards fees ranging from £1000 to full fees. Global Education advises that students/sponsors pay all fees if possible to increase chances of securing visa. Some institutions charge application fees as part of the application process these are deducted from tuition fees if a visa refused and a refund request is made. All fees should be paid direct to institution. Under no circumstances should a member hand over tuition fees to office staff. Refunds are only made on request. These usually take between 8-12 weeks depending on the institution but can take longer. Refunds will only be made to the account the money was originally transferred from unless a specific written request is made to another account. If a student is refused a visa a copy of the refusal notice is required to expedite the refund. Refunds are subject to application fee charges/admin charges etc at the discretion of the institute concerned. If Global are refunding the monies we are subject to bank charges plus service charges of approx £75 per transaction. Global education endeavours to help members as much as possible in securing refunds but we are at the mercy of institutions financial rules and therefore patience is requested. Refunds (other countries) are made on written request.


*Global Education incurs charges on visa registration fees so any refunds made will be less these charges. Refunds take 8-12 weeks on receipt of written request and patience is urged on behalf of members. All fees for visa applications should be paid direct to Global UK accounts in dollars, pounds or euros (bank details on request to members).


Should any disputes arise with members and local offices then members should contact the Director General to outline the reasons for the dispute which we will at all times endeavour to settle amicably.


Note: any verbal or written threats made to Global staff will mean a students membership is automatically terminated. We endeavour to help all members but we are subject to local rules and regulations which can lead to delays and disruptions in our services. Also note any student who witholds information and lies on UK visa applications AND other applications and subsequently refused a visa for such reasons will have membership immediatley terminated. Such students will receive a mandatory 10 year UK visa ban. Students may also not receive any refunds from institutions.


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